How much does it cost?

Base price for the 2018 season includes any style or color and includes total feet for the job (example: around the house, tree rings, planter area):
$350 minimum charge
<100-150ft -$8.00/ft
150-200ft - $7.50/ft
200+ft - $7.00/ft
Add $1.50/ft for stamping with or without a second color release.
Add $.50/ft for applying sealer.

Additional travel charges apply for out of town work.

Discounts available for “block parties” (curbing multiple homes on the same street in the same day).

Pricing based on total linear feet for the job, regardless if they are contiguous or not. Example 75ft around 3 trees plus 190ft around the house equals 280ft pricing.
Please call for a free estimate for your project. 218-233-1400

How much will I need?

Typical measurements:
Around an average house – 200ft
Tree Ring (3ft radius is smallest we can do) – 25 ft

What colors and styles do you have to choose from?

We offer three styles – Mower, Slant, and Curb. Along with the different styles we offer many colors and textures to choose from. Color cards and style displays are available in the Valley Landscaping showroom at 4401 12th Ave N in Fargo. Photos of many style, color, and texture combinations are found in our gallery.

Do you give free estimates and consult on design?

Yes, we provide free estimates. Our estimators and foreman will be able to help you find the best layout for your edging and landscaping beds. With over 15 years of experience in landscape design and installation, we feel that our knowledge in the industry puts us ahead of the competition.

Does CurbMaster offer any landscaping or concrete services?

Yes. CurbMaster is owned and operated by Valley Landscaping, a full service landscaping company. Please visit our website at www.valleylandscaping.com for more information.

How strong is continuous concrete edging?

Continuous concrete provides a durable, permanent border with low maintenance. It will not rot, shatter, or splinter. We mix in polypropylene fibers and run a 1/8” galvanized steel cable through the center for reinforcement. When fully cured, continuous concrete edging is rated at 4,000psi. Total curing time varies from 14 to 30 days depending on the weather. This edging is a decorative landscaping border. Care should be taken to avoid damage with tools, mowers, or traffic from people or wheel barrows. This edging is NOT suitable for parking areas.

Can curbing be repaired or added on to later?

Yes. We can cut a section out and form a new section in its place. We can cut sections from previous installations and add on to them with no problem. Custom color mixing allows up to match existing colors very closely.

Does curb edging keep water from draining away from my house?

In general, it is always a good idea to keep a grade sloped away from your foundation. Before installing curb, you’ll want this grade to be established. Curb edging does not generally prevent water from draining away from the house when set on a proper grade. Downspouts are typically set to drain outside of the curb edging so water can flow out into the yard.